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Meals on wheels is a fast food takeaway restaurant that operates in Freetown Sierra Leone. We prepare meals for customers on orders and do the delivery to their homes and offices. We are reliable and dependable with the best food you can ever eat in Sierra Leone and your meals are prepared to your specifications and yes, we do fast delivery to your home or office. Call us today or send us an email. Give your hunger a new option, experience the joy of getting the best, delivered on time and tasting great every time. At Meals on Wheels, we recognize that q chef must think like a scientist, organize like an accountant, inspire like a warrior, move like a dancer, paint like an artist and cook like a Grandma.

At Meals on Wheels, our Chefs cook like a Grandma.

Beef Spaghetti
Beef Spaghetti

Meals on Wheels Restaurant
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Our Menu includes:

1. Pepper soup with goat meat and cow foot served with yam or rice

2. Groundnut soup and white rice/Wala rice/fen fen  (country fowl and goat meat)

3. Krain Krain and Wala rice/white rice/fen fen rice

4 Cassava leaves (coconut oil) with Wala rice/white rice

5. Yam and stew with fried fish or goat pepper soup

6. Chicken 🍗 Spaghetti🍜 w/Plantain

7. Spaghetti- with beef stir fry

8. Vegetable rice sticks

9. Chicken and chips

10. Acheke with Goat meat or Country fowl or fish🍛

11. Chicken🍗 & Chips🍟

12. Whole Kontri Fol/half 🐓 w/Chips 🍟

13 Pot roasted country fowl half/whole

14. Cous Cous🍲 w/Kontri Fol🐓 or Fish

15. Coconut Rice & country fowl/fish

16. Avocado Salad🥑

17. Shrimp cocktail

18. Fried rice with fish/country fowl

Plus more…


Hamburger with Cheese
Double Cheese Burger
Egg and Cheese Burger
Egg, bacon and cheese Burger
Chicken burger with cheese

Coconut rice with grilled fish
Coconut rice with grilled fish
Coconut rice with Half or Whole Chicken
Coconut rice with Half or Whole Chicken

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    Nice food. Great for travellers to Sierra Leone

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