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Sierra Leone is part of a global market and if it is to attract investments it is imperative that its laws and in particular company law is in line with global trends and best practises. Cap 249 of the Laws of Sierra Leone was therefore repealed by the Companies Act 2009.

Establish and maintain a company’s registry and offices in all the provinces as may be necessary, suitably and adequately equipped to discharge its functions under the Act or any other enactment in respect of which it is charged with the responsibility. Need for an effective implementation of the Law (Companies Act 2009) through a modernised administrative machinery. Need to reflect the changes in an economic and business milieu in which the law is to operate. Need to develop specialised capacity in monitoring the activities of companies and in particular Compliance. Need for independence of the authority responsible for the Implementation of the Companies Act 2009.


  • Our mission is to be the heart of Company information exchange in Sierra Leone supporting business growth, informing the public, contributing to sustainable socio economic development of the country.

Our Vision

  • To globally lead in corporate information management and to be a model in the region.

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